Home Workout For Kids Aged 2 to 6 (#5!)

May 14, 2020

Rugby Stars Home Workout For Kids (#5)!

Check out our online class below, designed to get kids active and have fun along the way. You must follow our strict guideline at all times: FUN is the number 1 priority. Failure (to have fun) is not an option!

Warm up: 5 minutes stretching – repeat as needed.

  • Repeat 2 times: Touch your toes (don’t pick your nose), arms to the sky (show off those armpits)
  • 5 sumo squats (slap those thighs, practice the Hakka!)
  • 10 star jumps (in like a pencil, out like a star)
  • 20 seconds Fast Feet


  • 10 burpees – teach your child to burpee. Difficult for young ones, so perhaps work on those jumping skills, challenge them to squat down and see how how they can jump!
  • Shuttle runs across the garden, or fast feet for 20 seconds!
  • 10 see-saw squats (Parent squats, then child squats)
  • Do 2 rounds!

Ball skills

Remember the proper technique taught at class! Visit our ball skills page for a guide!
You can use any ball (it doesn’t have to be egg shaped!) or even rolled up socks.
Practice catching back and forth, for every successful catch, take a step back. For every drop, take a step forward!
Finish with a high-five.

Game 1 – Stop, Drop, Roll

Run around the garden, or dance around the living room.
When the player leading says “STOP”, all players must freeze.
”DROP”, all players must lie down.
”ROLL”, all players must roll and get back up.

Benefits: listening skills and reaction time.

Number of Players: 2+. Equipment: None

Game 2 – Follow The Leader

Parent is the “Leader” and the child or children are the “followers”.
Followers follow the leader around the house or garden on an “adventure”. Climbing over obstacles, crawling through gaps, copying every activity the leader performs.

Make an obstacle course in the garden for added difficulty. Open and close cupboards. You can even take the players upstairs and tidy up some clothes. The more variety and silliness, the more fun!
Swap leaders, the most fun comes of seeing what hilarious things your children can come up with as an adventure!

Benefits: Cognitive, gross motor skills, lots of silly fun.

Number of Players: 2+. Equipment: None

Cool down

Lay down on the patio or garden, or look out of the window and look at the clouds. What shapes can you see?

Share 1 thing you like about each other.

Remember to play up the FUN FACTOR while doing this workout! Be silly, smile and laugh together.

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