Home Workout For Kids Aged 2 - 6 (#1)!

March 18, 2020

Rugby Stars Home Workout For Kids (#1)!

Check out our online class below, designed to get kids active and have fun along the way. You must follow our strict guideline at all times: FUN is the number 1 priority. Failure (to have fun) is not an option!

Warm up: 5 minutes stretching – repeat as needed.

Alternate 5 times: Touch your toes (don’t pick your nose), arms to the sky (show off those armpits)
5 sumo squats (slap those thighs)
10 star jumps (in like a pencil, out like a star)
20 seconds Fast Feet

Workout: 6 rounds as fast as possible

Bear Crawl across the garden (or around the living room/kitchen/hallway)
Crab Walk back across the garden (or as above)
10 Side-to-Side Hops over a stick (outdoor) or cuddly toy (indoor) (Or big steps over instead)
10 passes, 10 catches (rugby ball (preferable), or any ball or rolled up socks)
20 seconds Fast Feet
2 forward rolls OR 10 star jumps
Monkey Bar Hang OR hang from parents arms (5-10 seconds)

Post your times in the comments below!

Ball skills

Remember the proper technique taught at class! Visit our ball skills page for a guide!
You can use any ball (it doesn’t have to be egg shaped!) or even rolled up socks.
Practice catching back and forth, for every successful catch, take a step back. For every drop, take a step forward!
Finish with a high-five.

Cool down

Micros (Ages 18m – 3) – Sing a song with actions
Head, shoulders, knees & toes (Link: YouTube)

Minis & Juniors (Ages 3 – 6+) – Play your child’s favourite song on YouTube (Choose playback speed 0.5x)
Slow-motion dance party for 30 seconds, then rest. Repeat until cool.

Don’t Forget!

Share 1 thing you like about each other

Remember to play up the FUN FACTOR while doing this workout! Be silly, smile and laugh together.

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