The Rugby Stars Guide to Ball Skills

March 19, 2020

A child is never too young to practice ball skills, that’s why in every single Rugby Stars class we teach ball skills. So that you can practice at home, on holiday, anywhere! here is the Rugby Stars Guide to Ball Skills, ideal to teach the basics of rugby ball handling for ages 18m+!

Equipment needed: 1 rugby ball, 1 pair of hands, 1 pair of eyes, a “can-do” attitude.

The Basics

Hold the ball as you would a PINEAPPLE. Imagine the spiky end of a pineapple pointing upwards. Place two hands around the wide centre of the ball.

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Coaching point: Teach children to catch the ball off their chest and chin.

Step 1: EYES on the PRIZE.
Keep those eyes fixed on the ball at all times.

Children’s hands’ should be out on front of their body, off the chest. Fingers pointed out and towards the sky. Hands must be soft, not tense. Ask them to make a W-shape With both hands.
Tip for younger stars: Make a cradle or basket with the arms and catch in the basket, away from the chin.

Step 3: CATCH the ball in your HANDS, not on your chin.
Catch out in front of the body, off the chest and face, nobody likes taking a ball to the snout!

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Coaching point: Teach children to make their passes easy to catch.

Hold the ball properly in two hands.

Step 2: EYES on the PRIZE.
Keep those eyes fixed on the target.

Step 3: SCOOP the ball across the body and PUSH to the target.
We are not throwing the ball. No javelins, no basketball shots and no netball passes allowed!
Tip: After throwing, keep those hands pointed at the target.

[Video coming soon]

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