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What Makes Us Different?

This is no philosophical question, it is a simple one we are asked a lot and deserves a simple answer. One we take pride in answering. Our differences can be measured and we’ve spent our time, our effort and our money to deliver them, and to deliver something special for children.

We Are a Family Club

We created Rugby Stars with kids in mind, using our own children as our target market. We’ve tried many clubs before and found that many (or all) suffered from the the same challenges: classes were cancelled at a moments notice, instructors lacked passion and/or knowledge, even instructors who were more focused £ than learning parent’s or children’s names.

At Rugby Stars everyone is part of the club. Parents are as much a part of the team as the children who partake. We are a family club, run by families, for families.

Our Incentive Schemes

We reward the loyalty of our parents by giving something back for everything they bring to us. We offer discounted memberships for all siblings, which last forever, even if a sibling decides to leave.

But it’s not just parents who are rewarded. Our tiered level-up scheme is one that children look forward to for months. Getting that well-earned new certificate and sticker is a badge of honour.

We Run All Year

The summer holidays are long and we know how hard it is to keep the little ones entertained 24×7. With so many other clubs closed down during half terms and holidays, we are always open to occupy some time on a Sunday.

Our Commitment

Our coaches are passionate and knowledgeable. We are always studying new activities, new approaches and new skills to pass on. We learn the abilities of our players, their likes and dislikes and their behavioral quirks that makes them who they are.
We promote proper skills and proper technique, learned from playing and studying countless hours.

Our Values

Much like your family, with its own values and principles upon which it is built, we affirm our own set of values, built in accordance with England Rugby’s own core values. These are discussed often with the children and underpin all of our classes and the activities we do.

Our Themed Classes

We want fun and active classes that are varied as well as being challenging. We work tirelessly trying new things each week. Some flop and some fly! But we are never afraid to try something new. Our classes match the interests of our age groups and we embrace that.

We Use Real Balls!

We use a range of high quality equipment for our varied, multi-activity classes. We use real rugby balls to give young ones valuable experience. No foam here! We use real tag belts and tags in our tag activities. Invaluable experience for any player looking to progress to U7 tag Rugby.

We Promote Fair Play and Inclusion

Rugby is a sport for everyone and it is our belief that it should be accessible to all. We want to be there to kick start the career of the next Red Rose or Men’s England Rugby player.

We shake hands

It is Rugby after all 🙂


If you’d like to get on board with us, you can sign up to a FREE trial session whilst there is availability, or jump right in with a membership. We look forward to seeing you at a class soon!

Rugby Stars -Kids Rugby Classes in Leicester, Kibworth, Market Harborough

What Makes Us Different?
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