Q: What payment/membership options are there?

A: We offer pay monthly membership, or pay by term membership (Pay in advance). Fees don’t change month-to-month, so you always know what your monthly bill will be.

Q: Do I ever have to re-enrol?

A: Our monthly plan memberships run consecutively, so there is never any hassle of re-enrolling. With pay in advance, you will helpfully be notified by email when it is time to re-enrol.

Q: Do you run classes during half-term and school holidays?

A: Yes! we run classes all year round, even during half-term and all school holidays (except Christmas and Boxing Day)!

Q: Do I just turn up?

A: Our session plans are carefully designed to match the numbers we expect each week, so to protect the enjoyment for our other children, please do not to attend if you have not signed up, or have let one of our coaches know in advance . We ask parents kindly to not turn up without paying first as our coaches do not accept cash.

Q: What should my child wear and/or bring?

A: Wear whatever your child likes, we don’t force you to buy expensive kits just to take part but you can always purchase our training tops. Sportswear is preferred but anything is fine as long as your child can run without restricting their movement (shorts/joggers fine – jeans not fine).

Our classes are indoors, so appropriate footwear (trainers, pumps etc) and clothing (joggers, shorts) should also be worn. That means no muddy wellington boots or boots with studs or bare feet!

Please bring a filled water bottle with you for regular drink breaks.

Q: Where can I sign up?

A: All booking is done via our website. Find your session and book a membership or free taster session.

Q: How do I cancel my monthly plan?

A:  Get in contact with us on our contact page, or log into your online account to cancel.

If you have any other questions, please direct them to us via our contact us page.