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  • Welcome to Rugby Stars

    Our family clubs are a safe and exciting first introduction to Rugby for toddlers and children aged 18 months to 6 years. With our challenging and varied themed classes, we aim to boost fitness and confidence, whilst teaching children fundamental rugby skills.
    • Fun Classes

      Our themed and varied classes are never dull and are a perfect blend of fitness and rugby skills

    • Improve Motor Skills

      Our classes help develop children’s motor skills and boost health

    • Boost Confidence

      Our classes are sociable and being part of a team helps build children’s confidence

    • Great Coaches

      Classes are run by passionate and experienced children’s coaches

  • We are passionate about learning through play as we offer a stimulating and pressure-free environment for children.

    • 45 Minute Sessions

      Longer classes allow us to connect with our children, giving them plenty of time to develop and play whilst offering excellent value for money.

    • Fun Themed Classes

      Our exciting themes keep children entertained, whilst teaching them fundamental rugby skills. We teach children the importance of team play and sportsmanship in every class.

      • Real Rugby Skills

        We teach real rugby skills from ball handling to tag rugby and we use real rugby balls. Our classes are a great introduction to rugby related games and activities.

      • Healthy Body and Mind

        We aim to make learning fun and boost fitness and well-being in children. Our value system underpins everything we do with children learning the values of Rugby every week.

      • Skills For Life

        We aim to introduce children to the greatest game on earth whilst equipping them with transferable skills that will prepare them for School. Our classes are a fantastic first introduction to sport, fair play, co-operative play and sportsmanship.

    • Our Classes

      All our locations offer three dedicated age classes
    • We provide three fun-filled and active-packed classes for ages 18 months to 6 years of age. All coached by friendly, passionate and experienced coaches.
    • Our classes are split into three different age groups, this allows children to work and play with other children of the same age and ability. Our classes are carefully designed to ensure children are challenged appropriately for their age group. When a child reaches their birthday, our coaches work carefully to graduate them into the next age group.

      • Micros
        The first step to Rugby Stardom!
        • 1.5 - 3
          Year olds
        • 15
          Class size
      • Minis
        The next step in the Rugby Stars journey!
        • 3 - 4
          Year olds
        • 15 - 18
          Class size
      • Juniors
        The last step to becoming a Rugby Star!
        • 4 - 6
          Year olds
        • 15 - 18
          Class size
    • A local Leicestershire family business since 2018. Our goal is to create a fun environment that engages each child and teaches them valuable skills.

      Childhood obesity is a rising problem in the UK. A major concern for all parents is whether their children are getting enough exercise. With our weekly classes we make sure children are getting active and improving their fitness.

      Alongside the hard work children put in, we integrate many fun themed activities and games as well as teaching them REAL rugby skills!

      • Individual attention in a small-class setting
      • Learning through play in a positive learning environment
      • Boosting confidence through team building activities
      • Boosting social skills and understanding of others
      • Boosting cardiovascular fitness
      • Boosting mental health and well-being
      • Detailed rugby development curriculum
      • Fun, themed and varied classes
      • Learning Through Play

        Children have fun whilst learning genuine, transferable skills.

      • Healthy Body & Mind

        We promote hard work, sportsmanship and positivity, boosting confidence, teamwork and social skills.

      • Friendly Environment

        High-class facilities in a friendly, pressure-free environment for children to thrive in.

      • Safety First

        Safety is our number 1 priority and we offer a safe, non-contact introduction to Rugby and rugby related games for children.

    • Want to Enroll Your Child in a Class?

      • Our son is in the Juniors class and absolutely loves it. He didn’t know any of the other children before joining him but the Coaches were brilliant and he settled into the group straight away. All of the exercises are engaging and well paced and help the children develop their skills and get a great workout! Thoroughly recommend it!

        Andy P.
      • Excellent coaching and perfectly pitched for the age group. I’ve looked around at a number of groups for our 3 nearly 4 year old and I’ve honestly not found anything delivered as professionally as rugby stars and pitched so perfectly for the age group it serves. Can’t recommend highly enough.

        Sarah S.
      • Our daughter has been doing rugby stars for the last few months and its one of our favourite classes! Greg and James are brilliant with the children, very welcoming and encouraging! Each week there are different activities/themes and its a class we look forward to every week! Highly recommend!

        Sarah B.
      • Rugby Stars is fantastic! Coach James and Coach Greg are so welcoming and have built a great relationship with my son. There is a good balance between ball skills and keeping active. Each week there is a different theme that keeps all the children engaged – my sons favourite so far was super heroes!! He loves playing ‘tiger tales’ too. It’s been lovely to see him grow in confidence and become more independent over the last few weeks.

        Graham G.
      • Brilliant class, the coaches are so engaging and fantastic with the children. It is great exercise and the children are taught respect, sportsman ship and team work. We love it!

        Jane B.
      • Rugby Stars is so much fun. Its a brilliant introduction to teamwork, rugby skills and fitness.

        Alistair M.
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        Market Harborough, Leicestershire
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