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Ages 18m to 3

Key Features

  • For girls and boys aged 18 months to 3rd birthday
  • 45 minute sessions every Sunday
  • 2 coaches for up to 18 children (max)
  • Rugby Stars T-shirt available to purchase
  • Weekly reward system
  • Parent participation may be required to support your child to become an independent Rugby Star
  • Parents must stay to watch their child

About Micros

Here at Rugby Stars, our main philosophy is that Rugby should be active and fun but hey, we are professionals so here is the learning strategy behind what we want to achieve.

Welcome to Micros and the start of a Rugby adventure, where Rugby is Active and Fun. Micros is a key step to become a Rugby Star that leads into the next age group, Minis and then Juniors where children can further develop their Rugby skills. Micros is ideal for boys and girls aged 18 months – 3 years.

We aim to deliver sessions that teach Our Values that we, primarily as parents but also coaches believe in. Classes will teach key Rugby skills through a series of structured activities and games that are centred around developing a sense of passion and love for the sport.

Throughout classes, which are designed and tailored specifically for children aged 18m-3, we aim to incorporate various Learning Strategies (please see below) that are key to all round development.

Learning Strategies

Social, Emotional and Cognitive Health and Physical Rugby
  • Beginning to be aware of others
  • Developing attention span
  • Becoming aware of surroundings
  • Beginning to manage emotions
  • Developing independence
  • Recognising colours and shapes
  • Developing number counting patterns to 10
  • Beginning to comprehend instructions
  • Active play
  • Developing body coordination and balance
  • Stamina and speed develops
  • Introduced to different movements e.g jumping, running, hopping
  • Navigating basic obstacles
  • Learning to enjoy success
  • Can stop and balance with growing control
  • Basic ball handling
  • Begin to tag others
  • Developing ability to throw with a growing sense of direction

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