2 - 3.5 Years Old
  • Class Overview

  • About Micros

    Micros is the start of a Rugby adventure, where Rugby is active and fun! Micros is the first step to becoming a Rugby Star and is ideal for boys and girls aged 2 to 3.5 years.

    We aim to deliver sessions that teach rugby values and key skills through a series of structured activities and games that are centred around developing a sense of passion and love for the sport.

    Throughout classes which are designed and tailored specifically for children aged 2 to 3.5, we incorporate various learning strategies that are key to all round development. We also implement lots of colour recognition, counting and fun themes to allow children to learn through play.

  • Key Features

    • For girls and boys aged 2 to 3.5 years old
    • 45 minute sessions
    • 2 coaches in every class
    • Rugby Stars T-shirt available to purchase
    • Weekly reward system
    • Parents are required to participate with their child
  • Key Skills Matrix

  • Social, Emotional and Cognitive
    • Basic interactions with peers
    • Begins to show a sense of identity within the class
    • Aware of surroundings and other children in class
    • Able to manage some emotions
    • Developing confidence and independence in new situations and challenges
    • Able to recognise with confidence different colours, shapes and sounds
    • Able to confidently count to 10 and beyond
    • Able to follow 1-2 basic instructions at a time
    • Begins to think strategically during play
    • Begins to listen to coaches instructions
  • Health and Physical
    • Able to balance and demonstrate basic co-ordination
    • Able to sustain walking and running and maintain increased levels of activity for short periods
    • Navigates basic objects with a ball in hand
    • Able to control and manipulate body through increasing levels of physical demand
    • Able to recognise some body parts through warm-up exercises
    • Able to copy the coach through a series of different movements - standing, running, walking, stopping, jumping
    • Shows basic spatial awareness of surroundings and other children in class
    • Able to change basic movements when following the coach for instructions
    • Able to travel in various directions at speed with the ball
  • Rugby Skills
    • Understands success
    • Begins to learn to catch in the hands away from the body and face
    • Able to catch a ball in basket arms/hands
    • Able to make a basic forward overarm or push pass to a parent
    • Able to hold the ball in two hands
    • Able to hold the ball in two hands when running at speed
    • Able to pick a static ball from the ground
    • Begins to be able to pick a moving ball from the ground
    • Able to place a ball on the ground to score a try
    • Able to kick a stationary or a ball from a tee
    • Developing ability to kick a moving ball
    • Able to apply skills to game play and think strategically
    • Beginning to apply abilities with passing, catching and kicking with increasing accuracy and power
    • Developing proper technique with Key Rugby Skills
    • Able to make a basic forward underarm pass to a parent
    • Able to pull tags with increasing precision
    • Able to apply tags to their belt with increasing precision and speed
    • Age Group:
      2 - 3.5 Years Old
    • Class Size:
      15 Children
    • Pricing:
      FREE taster then £30/mo
    • Classes:
      Weekend Mornings, 09:00 - 09:45
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