3 - 4 Years Old
  • Class Overview

  • About Minis

    Welcome to Minis, where Rugby is Active and FunMinis is a key step to Rugby success with Rugby Stars that leads into the next age group, Juniors where children can further develop their Rugby skills. Minis is ideal for boys and girls aged 3-4.

    We aim to deliver sessions that teach rugby values, knowledge, understanding and application of rugby skills through a series of structured activities and games that are centred around developing a sense of passion and love for the sport.

    Throughout classes, which are designed and tailored specifically for children aged 3-4, we aim to introduce new Rugby skills and accelerate prior learning from Micros through various Learning Strategies (please see below) that are key to all round development.

  • Key Features

    • For girls and boys aged 3 to 4th birthday
    • 45 minute sessions
    • 2 coaches in every class
    • Rugby Stars T-shirt available to purchase
    • Weekly reward system
    • Children are encouraged to become an independent Rugby Star
    • Parents must stay to watch their child
  • Learning Strategies

  • Social, Emotional and Cognitive
    • Interacting with peers through group introductions and partner play
    • Able to maintain attention for longer periods of time
    • Awareness of surroundings
    • Developing ability to manage emotions
    • Confidence and independence is growing
    • Demonstrating recognition of different colours, shapes and sounds
    • Counting is increasingly becoming stronger
    • Able to comprehend more than one instruction
    • Beginning to think whilst playing
  • Health and Physical
    • Active play
    • Increasing levels of speed and stamina
    • Navigating increasingly more complex obstacles whilst carrying a ball
    • Show an understanding of control
    • Able to travel with a ball with coordination and balance
  • Rugby Skills
    • Enjoys success and developing competitiveness
    • Able to travel with the ball with control
    • Able to pass with increasing accuracy and power
    • Able to kick with increasing accuracy and power
    • Able to tag others with exercising control
    • Able to show an understanding of strategic play
    • Age Group:
      3 - 4 Years Old
    • Class Size:
      15 - 18 Children
    • Pricing:
      FREE trial then £30/mo
    • Classes:
      Weekend Mornings, 10 am - 10:45 am
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