Where little feet meet big dreams! Our Mini Movers class is tailored for the smallest rugby enthusiasts, providing a playful introduction to the world of rugby through fun games, imaginative activities, and lots of giggles.

We aim to deliver sessions that teach rugby values, knowledge, understanding and application of rugby skills through a series of structured activities and games that are centred around developing a sense of passion and love for the sport.

Throughout classes, which are designed and tailored specifically for children aged 3 to 5 years, we introduce new Rugby skills and accelerate prior learning from Micros through various learning strategies that are key to all round development.

We explore greater challenges whilst keeping a focus on learning through play. Children are encouraged to become more independent as parents observe their children and support where needed.

Rugby Stars - Rugby for Tots and Children aged 2 to 7 years in Kibworth and Market Harborough
  • For girls and boys aged 3 to 5 years old
  • 45 minute sessions
  • 2 coaches in every class
  • Rugby Stars T-shirt available to purchase
  • Weekly reward system
  • Parents must stay to watch their child
  • Starting to interact with peers through group introductions and partner play
  • Able to maintain attention for longer periods of time
  • Shows a deeper awareness of surroundings and other children in class
  • Developing an ability to manage emotions
  • Confidence and independence in new situations and challenges is growing
  • Demonstrating recognition of different colours, shapes and sounds
  • Counting is increasingly becoming stronger
  • Able to comprehend more than 2 instructions at a time
  • Begins to think whilst playing
  • Listens to coaches when they are speaking
  • Shows good balance and demonstrates more developed co-ordination
  • Shows increasing levels of speed and stamina to sustain a full class
  • Navigates increasingly more complex obstacles with a ball in hand
  • Shows an understanding of control
  • Able to travel with a ball with coordination, balance and confidence
  • Shows developing spatial awareness of surroundings and other children in class
  • Able to follow coaches instructions and implement without constant demonstration
  • Able to navigate at speed without colliding with other players
  • Able to catch a ball in two hands
  • Enjoys success and developing competitiveness
  • Able to side-step a defender
  • Understands the need to find space and “finds the gap”
  • Able to travel with a ball in hand in two hands with control
  • Able to confidently pick a static ball from the ground
  • Begins to be able to pick a moving ball from the ground
  • Able to place a ball on the ground to score a try without dropping or losing control
  • Able to place and kick a ball from a tee
  • Able to show an understanding of strategic play
  • Able to tap and go
  • Developing proper technique with Key Rugby Skills
  • Able to make a basic forward pass a ball to a parent with an attempt at the correct technique
  • Developing the ability to catch a pop-pass to self without dropping
  • Developing the ability to catch the ball from a short pass with increasing success
  • Able to hand off a ball to another child
  • Developing the ability to pass the ball to another child
  • Able to pull tags with increasing precision and at speed
  • Able to apply tags to their belt at speed with increasing precision and speed
  • Able to remove tags and belts from self